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Gel-polish MOONSTONE Oxxi Professional

Brand: Oxxi Model: 440001
Here is the most stylish Moonstone Oxxi gel polish (lilac). The main feature of this gel polish is the effect of moon stone. When you apply the gel polish on the nail, you will be pleasantly surprised, because your nail design will imitate the texture and glare of the moonstone. This manicure looks ..
5.90 $
Moonstone Oxxi 002 gel-varnish gray-bronze, 10ml
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440002
A very stylish gray-bronze gel polish by the producer of OXXI Moonstone is magnetic.  With it help you can create a moonstone effect.  In our store, the affordable price of this miracle gel polish has become a routine. Because we are working directly with suppliers.  Also, its advanta..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440003
OXXI Moonstone gel polish in olive gray color looks very prestigious and elegant.  It lasts on the nails for a very long time without cracks.  By purchasing this product in our store, you automatically give preference to the highest quality and the most affordable price.  And the moon..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440004
MOONSTONE OXXI 004 gel polish in gray color creates the effect of a moon surface on your nails.  Owing to this, you can look very mysterious and charming.  You have nothing to worry about, because our store will definitely take care of the goods’ quality.  This gel polish is very easy..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440005
Gel polish in eucalyptus color will remind you a far and beautiful planets, because the surface of this polish reminds of a moonstone.  It will look amazing on any nails.  And the affordable price that our store can boast of will surprise you very pleasantly.  Also, this polish doesn’..
5.90 $
Moonstone Oxxi 006 gel varnish muted purple, 10ml
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440006
Gel polish in a dimmed purple color will immediately let everyone know that you are a lady with taste.  And the effect of the moonstone will give your nails originality and uniqueness.  It can be applied in one movement. The gel polish is worth taking a closer look, because our store guara..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440007
Moonstone OXXI 007 gel polish looks very attractive, because it has the color of marsala.  The moonstone effect is mesmerizing.  The polish looks elegant and attractive, it doesn’t crack and is easy applied .  It is also very durable. If you buy this polish in our store, you will get ..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440008
Moonstone OXXI 008 gel polish in a dark pink color is able to create the effect of moonstone due to a special coating.  This manicure on your nails won’t go unnoticed by others. In the working process, this gel polish is as simple and comfortable as possible.  It lasts on the nails for a v..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440009
Moonstone OXXI 009 gel polish looks great due to its bright purple color and special coating that creates a charming moonstone effect. Also, due to the fact that our store works directly with the producer, you are guaranteed to get the best price, and also protect yourself from fake products. ..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 440010
Moonstone OXXI 010 gel polish has a deep blue color and a coating that looks like moonstone.  Owing to this effect you will look great and charming in all sectors of society.  The affordable price in our store will dispel all doubts before purchasing.  Such price is due to our direct ..
5.90 $
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