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Cat Eyes Oxxi Professional

Brand: Oxxi Model: 422001
A rich and deep burgundy tint will give a noble appearance to any look.  The magnetic effect will help you make each nail with a unique, mysterious pattern.  Any pattern can be created using a special magnet.  And mysterious double glare will create a kind of play.  This nail des..
5.90 $
OXXI cat eyes 004 gel polish, dark blue, magnetic.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422002
The unique consistency of the “Cat's Eye” gel polish spreads on the nail plate evenly.  The special effects are eye-catching, because they were created with the help of a special magnet.  Metallic particles attract and, therefore,  create a fancy pattern.  The deep dark blue tint..
5.90 $
OXXI cat eyes 005 gel polish, purple, magnetic.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422003
A semi-sheer magnetic gel polish simulates the texture and reflections of a “cat's eye” stone.  A rich purple tint with metallic glitters gives a kind of magnetism to the look.  Within correct application of the gel polish, it will be possible to attract the views of others for a long time..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422004
Truly intense cat-like color won’t leave anyone indifferent.  The 3D effect with magical overflows of the gel polish will give each nail an unbelievable look.  High pigment saturation guarantees a bright and interesting look for 2-3 weeks.  If you wish, you can do other nails differen..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422005
The classic black tint will dilute the glossy shine and unbelievable depth.  This color will suit any look and always will be relevant.  And a beautiful magnetic stripe, which is created with the help of a special magnet, can imitate a cat's eye shape and hypnotize.  The classic tone ..
5.90 $
OXXI cat eyes 016 gel polish, blueberry, magnetic.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422006
A solid blueberry color with a “cat's eye” effect (metallic powder provides a play of color) provides nails with a long-lasting saturated tone throughout the whole application process.  Metallic particles create a unique pattern.  You can simulate different combinations by using products f..
5.90 $
OXXI cat eyes 017 gel polish, crimson, magnetic.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422007
A bright and rich tone won’t leave the owner of nails with correctly applied polish without attention.  When you are applying this complex, nothing will hurt the nails.  The unique composition contains vitamins for nail nutrition and other substances to protect them.  Amazing rich cri..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422008
A mysteriously unusual color will give uniqueness to the look.  Metal particles are attracted by a magnet. Such particles will give a certain romance to the look in combination with an interesting mysterious color.  Please, just don’t use polishes and additional manicure (pedicure) supplie..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422009
The special balanced composition of this polish covers the nails thinly and evenly (it is doable not only for a professional, but also for a beginner).  The deep blue tint provides a stretch of imagination.  Magnetic features will help to embody the most fancy shapes in drawing.  Shim..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422010
A rich, unique tone in different lighting conditions can slightly change tints.  This process takes place because of the unique composition of the gel polish.  Metallic powder (when exposed to light from different angles) gives a unique effect to the gel coating.  Within correct appli..
5.90 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422011
The uniqueness and depth of this tone is already aristocratic.  Metal particles, which are attracted by a special magnet, give a mystery and uniqueness to the color.  The nails, which are covered with this mesmerizing unique consistency, will always be noticeable.  The majestic look w..
5.90 $
OXXI cat eyes 033 gel polish, dark blue gray, magnetic.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 422012
Oxxi professional cat eyes gel polishes provide not only perfect solid coverage, but also uniqueness of color.  "Cat's eyes" in a blue-gray tint gives magnetism to the look.  The special consistency ensures the uniqueness of the color.  The 3D effect of the smallest particles creates ..
5.90 $
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