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Buffs for nails OXXI

Brand: Oxxi Model: 410001
This is a rectangular nail buffering file with two working sides.  The roughness (grit) of each side is 100. It is used for polishing, correcting and filing acrylic or gel nails, removing fake ones, for grinding and removing surplus working material.  It is also used in pedicure.  All..
1.49 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 410002
The semicircle shaped (boat-shaped) buffer is distinguished by its multitasking.  One side is 100 grit, the other side is 180 grit.  It is used for filing natural nails, preparing the nail for extension, correcting fake nails and polishing the surface before coating.  This buffer is u..
1.49 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 410003
It is a high-quality tool for working with fake nails. The file is double-sided with a hardness of 100 grit.  It perfectly gets gel polish off, and is used to correct acrylic and  gel nails.  A special abrasive coating ensures the durability of the surfaces.  The file keeps its q..
1.49 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 410004
It is a classic shape and double-sided file.  The harder 100 grit side is used for fake nails, the softer 180 grit side is ideal for removing acrylic, gel, polygel and filing natural nails as well.  Universal rectangular shape is for any type of use (free edge correction, rough up the nail..
1.49 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 410006
The file has double sides and diamond shape, which is considered the most convenient for correcting extended nails.  This is a universal  tool: 150 grit side for fake nails, 180 grit side for natural nails.  The harder side is also used for pedicure and male manicure.  Our direct..
1.49 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 410007
This file is in the most comfortable semicircle shape (boat-shaped).  One side is 180 grit, the other side is 240 grit.  It is used to shape the healthy nail with length and shape.  This file is also used for preparation to the extension.  It is comfortable for filing gel nails. ..
1.49 $
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