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Brand: Oxxi Model: 460002
Top Grand Rubber provides long lasting gel polish manicure within extra-shine. It contains rubber component that provides the top good viscosity and increased elasticity. The top has high adhesion, plasticity and self-leveling qualities. It is easy to apply, the top doesn’t spread messy. Smoothes..
5.99 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460003
An innovative rubber top for increasing durability, brightness and shine of gel polish covers. The top is flexible, viscous and with the hypoallergenic ingredients. It is so simple in use even for beginner. The thick consistency doesn’t  flow under the cuticle and on the side ridges. It crea..
8.40 $
Oxxi Grand Rubber Top with the dispersion layer, 30 ml
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460004
New generation rubbery glossy top in a professional volume! It is thick, viscous, has high elasticity, excellent adhesion and self-leveling quality. The top is perfect for clients with thin, brittle nails. Also is comfortable for work and economical for using. It is highly-recommended to apply only ..
13.00 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460007
Top Matte Cashemir provides the gel polish manicure with luxury view. It creates effect of cashemir texture on the coat. The top provides perfect enduring and gorgeous velvety matte to any gel polish from the Oxxi palette. It  is applied to the already cured layer of gel polish and creates a..
7.40 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460008
Top Matte Velor - this velor luxury on your nails for as long as possible! It allows you to create a truly complementary matte manicure. Top with increased elasticity, perfectly fixes a colored gel-varnish coating, resistant to chips, cracks, scratches. A soft brush with a perfectly straight cut ..
5.99 $
Oxxi Professional Top Coat Gel  with the dispersion layer, 10 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460001
Oxxi Professional Top Coat Gel  with the dispersion layer, 10 ml. OXXI Professional is a finish top coat within dispersion layer and gorgeous mirror shine effect. Ultra flexible  and long lasting top coat. It is so comfortable and economical in using, it has smooth texture and doesn’t spre..
5.99 $
Oxxi Top Crystal no-wipe, 15 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460006
Top coat Crystal is a super enduring finish cover for gel polish within crystal, wet gloss. It is a premium quality nail material with an innovative contains. Top coat has flexible, elastic structure and has the ability to recover from external damages.  Doesn’t leave remaining stickiness durin..
8.40 $
Oxxi Top Glitter no-wipe, 10 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460010
Glitter top coat for gel polish allows to save time for nail master because it doesn’t need to be wiped after curing. Also it creates amazing effect of cosmic wet gloss on top of a decorative gel cover. It contains small particles of mirror glitter which in combination with the glossy structure of t..
5.50 $
Oxxi Top Shiny no-wipe, 10 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Oxxi Model: 460009
Top contains the smallest particles of sparkling shimmer and creates a glossy shimmering effect on the nail. It can be applied  to any color of gel polish. In each nail version it will reflect the beauty of the cosmic glow. The top won’y only perfectly decorate the manicure but also make it sup..
5.50 $
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