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Luxton gel polishes Frosty collection

Luxton Frosty 001 Gel Lacquer, Magnetic, 10 ml.
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Brand: Luxton Model: 4111101
Pearly white gel polish Frosty will create a crystal cat on your nails with an amazing velvet shine. It's impossible to take your eyes away from this manicure! The illusion of volumetric flare and shimmers are mesmerizing in their beauty. This is a brand new "cat eye" with a light-reflecting effect...
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111102
Velvety sparkling white silver with blue shimmer. This Frosty gel polish creates such beauty on your fingertips. It contains thousands of tiny metallic particles that seem to come to life when held up to a magnet, creating a deep glow, incomparably shimmering with the movement of nails. Buy Luxton g..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111103
This gel polish gives your fingers a lot of velvet shine and super voluminous glow with light lilac shimmer. Dense, can only be applied on the base. It looks especially chic on the black base. Lays flat, does not smudge and is self-leveling. Creates a strong and damage-resistant coating. Worn for a ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111104
Chic, beauty and fantastic velvet gloss! The innovative LUXTON Frosty 04. Softly shimmering silver particles and deep glare, unparalleled play of light green shade. The mesmerizing effect from the first coat. Looks equally luxurious when applied alone or on a dark undercoat. It has a dense texture a..
6.90 $
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