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Color Rubber Base "Jelly"

Brand: Kodi Model: KB0090001
If you want blueberry marmalade on your nails, choose this blue base! Trendy color, premium composition and economy format - 8 ml. It's worth buying in one click right now. Excellent adhesion to the nail surface, high thixotropic properties. Easy to work with and ultra stable! With dispersion layer...
5.45 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0090002
This base captivates with its energizing, fresh yellow-green hue. You can buy it in a mini bottle. Rubber formula. Excellent adhesion. Requires no undercoat. Can be used solo or as a design tool. It is recommended to apply in two layers - the first thin, the second thicker. It dries perfectly and is..
5.45 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0090003
Professional rubber base in a bright peach shade is now available in a mini volume of 8 ml. A great choice for design and solo application. It smoothes and masks all imperfections. Gives shine. Without the need for undercoat. It is very resistant due to its high agdensity. It is easy to work with ev..
5.45 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0090004
Looking for a glamorous pink base that you can wear solo, buy Kodi Rubber Base Gel Pink. It's the perfect pink even without a backing. The adhesion is top notch. Rubber Formula. This base lasts a very long time. It is applied in two layers - the first one is thin (with rubbing movements), the second..
5.45 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0090005
The deepest pink shade! This base does not require gel polish. Order it in an economy bottle of 8 ml. Premium composition and rubber formula. Excellent adhesion to the nail surface, high thixotropic properties. It can be used as an independent coating and for design. Easy to apply and ultra stable! ..
5.45 $
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