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Gel polish "Diamond Sky" - Kodi

Brand: Kodi Model: 1212001
A truly brilliant gel polish in a 8 ml mini format! You should buy it now. Transparent base, dotted with millions of shimmering copper-colored particles. It's a really impressive shimmer. Reflective gel polish will create a hologram-like shimmering diamond scattering effect on your nails. Perfectly ..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212002
A whole new luxury of shimmer in the Diamond Sky DS gel polish. Transparent, richly saturated with light-reflecting shimmering particles in shades of red and copper. It's especially glamorous on a dark substrate. Order the 8 ml to get your hands on this new shimmering nail beauty. It is very economi..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212003
A mesmerizing gel polish with a hologram-like dark gold shimmer. Its base is densely saturated with glitter particles. Apply it to the darkest of substrates, and it will turn the most understated look into a real star look. Order the best glitter gel polish in economy volume for a low price. We deli..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212004
Your nails can shine like a scattering of diamonds when you buy gel polish from the stunning shimmering Diamond collection. Transparent base with thousands of particles of bright gold. The absolute trend and the glittering effect. Perfectly applies, does not drip and smoothes itself. It is recommend..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212005
If you want ultra-shimmery nails, choose the new glitter gel polish in fuchsia and rose gold. Impressive beauty on any color substrate. Especially luxurious on darker colors. Don't miss the opportunity to order the 8ml mini volume at a uniquely low price. 100% original and shipping worldwide.  ..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212006
Kodi surprises again - meet diamond shimmer in magenta color. The transparent texture is densely saturated with glitter red with a holographic glow. Incredibly beautiful, original and very rich, especially on a dark substrate. On our website is available in a mini volume of 8 ml. Spends very economi..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212007
A stunning shimmer in glamorous pink! Perfect for when you want to decorate your nails in a luxurious and playful way. Perfect consistency and professional brush. Transparent with thousands of glitter particles in rose gold and bright pink. It shimmers beautifully on nails in any light. Available in..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212008
Gel lacquer #08DS has a transparent base, richly saturated with shimmering silver-baclava particles of reflective glitter. This coating creates a hologram-like effect of colored diamonds on the nails. It is easy to apply and very durable. Looks great on any shade of gel polish. Available in a mini b..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212009
This gel polish gives an amazing effect on your nails - a bright shimmering starry night sky. Apply it to a dark substrate and the silvery-purple reflective glitter particles will play with the dazzling shimmer of a scattering of night stars. Inexpensive Kodi shimmering gel polish is available in 8 ..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212010
This Kodi gel polish is worth buying for anyone looking for a new idea for a shimmering manicure. Its transparent base is saturated with millions of silver holographic particles. Absolute effect of diamond shimmer on the nails. Very economical to use, even the mini volume is enough for a long time. ..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212011
The bestseller! Transparent extra long-lasting gel polish with a million silver-blue particles of light-reflecting glitter. Yes, that's how sparkling the diamond scattering is. It is applied in two layers. It does not drip and spreads instantly on the nail plate. Cures well. Wears for a long time. G..
6.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 1212012
Transparent with tri-color reflective glitter - silver, blue, gray. Impressive shimmer on the nails. Applied in two layers, each one drying. It has a self-leveling property. Creates a mirror-smooth finish with a glossy sheen that enhances the glittering shimmer of the glitter. ..
6.50 $
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