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Gel paint FOX

Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412005
This deep black gel paint is most often used to create graphic drawings, contouring, black lace masterpieces, moonlight drawings and other nail ideas. High pigment density, thick consistency, it is comfortable to work with. Ideal for drawing fine lines and detailed drawings. It does not drip, spread..
3.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412006
F.O.X gel paint in signature scarlet red. Ideal for bright, sensual masterpieces of artistic design. Ultrapigmented, does not require a second coat. Thick, it does not bleed, it sets evenly and holds the shape. It allows to apply the thinnest lines, to trace complex laces and fine details. Shrinks o..
3.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412008
Fox Gel Paint is a bright yellow color. It is thick, with high pigment density. The excellent density of the paint makes it possible to apply the design in one thin layer. Suitable for painting small and filigree details, the thinnest lines. Easy to apply with a brush, it does not bleed and holds it..
3.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412009
The color of the gel color is lemon-yellow and highly pigmented. Allows you to create clear and juicy designs of any complexity on natural and modeled nails. When applied, it has no unevenness, does not bleed, and holds its shape perfectly. It does not dry in the air, which allows correcting the fig..
3.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412001
Innovative gel paint in a saturated silver shade. Perfectly pigmented, it contains the tiniest metallized particles, creating a bright and noble shine of silver. It is thick, can be easily applied with a brush and allows to completely cover the nail, creating the effect of covering with liquid metal..
6.15 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412002
This gel paint has a pink hue that creates a liquid metal effect on the nail, radiating a chic sheen. An excellent alternative to foil and waxes. Bright, shimmering silver and pink glitter. Used for painting, full coverage of the nail plate, for detailed tracing. Highly pigmented, paints thin and de..
6.15 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412003
Gold gel paint with the effect of "liquid metal". The perfect material for painting accent details, creating spectacular nail art in the color of precious metal. It can easily trace fine details, create a golden smile line for an elegant French and much more. It is suitable for covering the entire n..
6.15 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412010
Reflective powder for nail design. It is a fine dispersion, good for use on the whole nail, or in separate fragments to create spectacular details in the design. Creates an unparalleled light-reflective velvet effect. Resistant to moisture and ultraviolet light. After drying, it retains its velvety ..
2.10 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 4412004
Яркого белого цвета гель-краска F.O.X - это идеальный материал для френча и художественной росписи. Может использоваться для полного перекрытия ногтя, позволяет прорисовывать мельчайшие детали и тончайшие линии. Дают исключительную яркость и плотность цвета в один слой. Превосходно держит форму, рис..
3.50 $
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The American nail brand F.O.X. presented a most interesting collection of gel paints for artistic design. It includes a wide palette of single-color bright gel colors, as well as unique materials for design with the "liquid metal" effect. They can be applied to natural and artificial nails. They are thick and do not bleed, perfectly hold their shape. Excellent for painting, aquarium design. Allow artists to create exclusive masterpieces, filigree drawing intricate and fine details, embody bold, trendy nail ideas in the style of metallic.

Advantages of F.O.X. gel paints:
- A variety of colors and effects.
- Ultra pigmented.
- Perfectly thick consistency.
- Super elastic.
- Easy to apply with a brush.
- Does not bleed, holds its shape well.
- Does not deform and does not change the brightness of color in the lamp.
- Safe composition, causes no allergies.
- Have no sticky layer.
- Does not produce a pungent, unpleasant smell.

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