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Rubber Base Kodi "Cold Rose"

Brand: Kodi Model: KB0020002
The best base for thin and brittle nails. Beneficial volume. Lint Base Gel Cold Rose base contains silky ultra-thin microfibers that create an ultra strong reinforcing mesh on the nail surface, which prevents nail brittleness, cracking, scratching and chipping. The unique formula makes the base nail..
7.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0020003
All professionals are recommended to buy Lint Base Gel 'Cold Rose' for clients with thin, brittle, weakened nails. This is a premium base with reinforcing properties and safe composition. On our site is available in 30 ml at a bargain price. We deliver to Kyiv already today. We send worldwide by exp..
13.75 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0020001
If you have thin, brittle nails and gel nail polish does not last, aggressive formulations are not recommended, then you need to buy Lint Base from Kodi. It is made for you and is available on our website in an economy volume of 7 ml. Its formula is absolutely safe for your nails. Creates a silky re..
5.00 $
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