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Base Kodi "Shine Milk"

Brand: Kodi Model: KB0060002
The torendiest milky shade and excellent camouflaging properties. This base coat makes nails especially strong. A real masthead for thin, brittle, weakened nails. It contains microfibers, which after polymerization create a reinforcing mesh on the nail, providing hardness and elasticity. The base pr..
7.95 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0060003
A milk-colored camouflaging base designed specifically for brittle and problematic nails. For professionals, we have the best price on the volume of 35 ml. Easy to apply - the first layer by rubbing, the second as thin as possible. After drying it creates a strong and elastic reinforcing coating on ..
13.95 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0060001
The best camouflage base for brittle nails is now available in an economy 7 ml volume. It is advantageous, for masters who want to try it at work and for lovers of home manicures. has a reinforcing property, makes thin and brittle nails really strong. Fashionable milky shade. Safe composition. Remov..
5.45 $
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