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Model: Pochka-fr-014
Diamond cutter kidney for hardware manicure. Grit of a working surface of average rigidity. It is used to remove the cuticle, clean the sinus between the nail plate and the lateral ridge, allows you to qualitatively and delicately process the periungual ridge, suitable for minor adjustments. The bas..
1.90 $
Model: Pochka-fr-016
The diamond cutter has an oval shape, medium hardness, its head diameter is 1.6 mm. Multifunctional, suitable for performing various manipulations of hardware manicure: cuticle removal, processing of side ridges, piercing of acrylic nails, installation of rhinestones. Pedicure masters use such a cut..
1.90 $
Model: Pochka-fr-018
The cutter for hardware manicure in the form of an oval (kidney) has an average grain size, delicately treats the skin and the nail plate without damaging their structure. Perfectly pushes back the side rollers, eliminates the cuticle, the stratum corneum. The cutter is made of stainless steel and h..
1.90 $
Model: Pochka-fr-021
A high-quality diamond burr with medium hardness allows you to quickly and efficiently clean and remove everything. Perfectly cleans the cuticles and side ridges, it can work even on a natural regrown nail. Suitable not only for hardware, but also combined manicure. Strong, does not heat up, does no..
1.90 $
Model: Pochka-fr-023
A diamond-coated burr with a blue abrasive kidney is well suited for thick and thin leather. Allows for high-quality processing of lateral ridges, cuticles, perfectly cleans pterygium. The masters note that she ideally lifts the cuticle with the shoulder of the top, making a kind of skirt out of it ..
1.90 $
Model: Pochka-fr-025
The kidney (olive) diamond cutter is most often used in hardware manicure and pedicure for treating pterygium, removing the cuticle, and grinding the side ridges. In a pedicure for the treatment of calluses, rough skin and roughness. The cutter has a stainless base, super dense diamond coating, the ..
1.90 $
Model: Pochka-fr-027
Diamond cutter kidney-shaped (olive) with medium abrasive processing and a working part diameter of 2.7 mm. The model is used in hardware manicure / pedicure for the treatment and removal of pterygium and cuticle, grinding of lateral ridges and roughness on the skin. In our store you can buy a diamo..
1.90 $
Model: Pochka-fr-040
Diamond cutter of oval shape and medium sharpness. It has an increased diameter of the working part - 4.0 mm. Differs in multifunctionality: processing of lateral ridges, removal of rough skin, calluses, grinding of cracks, correction of the free edge of the nail. In our online store, you can buy a ..
1.90 $
Model: 9100012
An excellent diamond cutter for cleaning the sinus, processing the side roller, will help you easily and quickly deal with even stuck cuticles. Due to the rounded nose, it is safe, perfectly cuts the cuticle. Suitable for pedicure. Diamond three-layer spraying of fine grain. Base in stainless steel...
1.90 $
Model: 9100013
It is used in hardware manicure and pedicure for processing side ridges, cleaning the sinus between the nail and the ridge, removing the cuticle. Due to the sharp tip allows you to work in hard-to-reach places. The diameter of the working part is 1.4 mm. Diamond coating is dense - in three layers. I..
1.90 $
Model: 9100014
Ideal cutter for professionals and beginners. Made in the form of a pointed kidney. Has a three-layer diamond dusting of small granularity. It is used to eliminate the stratum corneum and cuticles, to clean the sinuses in the area between the plate and the side rollers. Strong and wear-resistant, do..
1.90 $
Model: 9100015
Diamond cutter with fine grit. They are used in hardware manicure and pedicure for cleansing the stratum corneum, processing and removing the cuticle, processing side ridges. Good for small adjustments. Allows processing in hard-to-reach places. Buy a premium quality diamond cutter inexpensively and..
1.90 $
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