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Glitter Base Komilfo

Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitte-b-0001
Glitter rubber base is light pink with gold microshine. Leveling, camouflage, opaque color - covers the free edge. It is perfect for an elegant shimmery jacket. Moderately thick, it is very comfortable to work with it with classic and drip application. ..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitte-b-0002
Delicate French color and bright shine - Comme il faut base with a golden microshine. On a rubber base, has a dense texture, aligns the nail just fine. Well pigmented, dense, covers the free edge. Guarantees long wear of a covering without delaminations and cracks. ..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0003
Light pink base with a silvery microshine in the optimal volume of 15 ml. Rubber based. Strengthens, smoothes, lengthens and shapes nails. Gives a good camouflage effect, suitable for natural and artificial nails. It can be applied by the classical method and drip technique. ..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0004
Excellent glitter base in economy format 8 ml. Rubber Formula! Thick, pale pink, with a million particles of silver micro-shine. Ideal for creating a sophisticated elegant French manicure. Lies down tightly, perfectly aligns even bumpy nails. Dries quickly in a lamp. ..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0005
A rubbery light pink base with a delicate blue microshine. Perfectly aligns and perfectly camouflages. For thin nails, shape modeling, use it with a drip method. Works well on natural and artificial nails, prevents gel polish from sagging. Gives a strong grip, increases the wear time of the French d..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0006
If you want a gentle jacket with an interesting effect, then you need to buy a light pink Komilfo base with tiny particles of blue microshine. On the nails it gives an incomparable delicate blue glow, perfectly combined with the most delicate pink shade. It is rubber, will align the nails to perfect..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0007
The most beautiful base for a subtly sparkling jacket. A rubber base coat in a beige-pink shade studded with golden micro-shine. Even in a simple design, such a base will make the jacket incredibly beautiful and interesting. Perfectly levels, strengthens and camouflages nails. ..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0008
Such a base will allow you to easily and quickly create a sophisticated jacket with an insanely beautiful glow. It has a natural beige-pink hue, which is generously strewn with golden micro-shine. Its rubber formula guarantees perfect alignment and extended manicure wear. Economy volume 8 ml at a un..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0009
Order this base right now, it is incomparable and the best for a sparkling jacket. Professional rubber formula. The most sought-after beige-pink color and a million iridescent silver particles of microshine. Easy to use, it evens out, evens out, strengthens, camouflages and significantly increases t..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0010
You can buy the most popular Komilfo rubber base in an economy bottle of 8 ml. Beige-pink with particles of silver microshine. It is ideal for a sparkling jacket. Aligns nails to perfection, perfectly camouflages and strengthens nails. Provides strong and reliable adhesion to the material. ..
5.90 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0011
An unusual, sparkling jacket can be made in a couple of minutes if you buy the Comme il faut rubber base No. KC006. This is the most natural French color - beige-pink, dotted with blue microshine. Cool and incredibly beautiful base, which is very easy to work with. Perfectly levels and masks, well s..
8.25 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: Glitter-b-0012
The most popular rubber glitter base Komilfo in a favorable volume of 8 ml. Her consumption is super economical. Well pigmented. Natural beige-pink shade with a delicate shimmer of blue microshine. Leveling, covering the free edge, camouflage and shamelessly sparkling. ..
5.90 $
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