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Cosmetics for the face, eyebrows and eyelashes

Toning and refreshing facial lotion with a natural composition. Does not contain alcohol! It is an effective organic for cleansing and care. Normalizes the pH level, improves tone, gives a feeling of freshness, makes the skin soft and radiant. Just saves after washing with hard water. The active for..
8.50 $
Model: Gentle-washing-gel-100ml
Gentle cleansing gel with a unique natural composition. It cleanses the skin of the face, eyelashes and eyebrows from makeup, dirt and excess oil. Tackles the toughest make-up. In one bottle - cleansing, restoration, care! Works very gently, does not irritate or dry, suitable for sensitive skin. The..
4.50 $
Hydrophilic oil with a rich natural composition! It is used at the first stage of the facial cleansing procedure. Gently and instantly dissolves decorative cosmetics (even persistent). It cleanses the skin of the face from cosmetics, well draws impurities and sebum from the pores. Its formula contai..
5.90 $
Mousse shampoo for eyebrows, eyelashes and face NIKK MOLE - (150 ml)
Out of stock
Model: Mousse-shampoo-NM
Soft natural shampoo developed by the brand's technologists for delicate cleansing of eyelashes, eyebrows, facial skin. The rich composition includes valuable natural ingredients that help cleanse and restore the quality of the skin and its protective barrier. Well degreases the skin and hairs witho..
4.90 $
Model: Mousse-shampoo-bergamot
Ideal foam for make-up removal and facial cleansing. Works well even with stubborn makeup. Allows for high-quality cleansing and degreasing of eyebrows, eyelashes before the staining procedure. It acts gently, while giving the effect of peeling and deep cleansing. Due to the rich natural composition..
4.50 $
Model: Mus-shampoo-Macadamia
A weightless, fluffy cleansing foam for eyelashes, eyebrows & face. Gently and effectively cleanses the skin and removes make-up. It contains valuable macadamia oil, rich in fatty acids. It makes the skin soft and hydrated. Especially useful for dry skin. Also in the active mousse formula - whea..
4.50 $
Model: Hyaluronic-Gold-Patches
Hydrogel patches for the freshness and youth of your eyes! With hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, lavender flower extract and argan oil. In a stylish jar there are 60 pieces of patches, maximally impregnated with a unique composition that restores and rejuvenates the skin. This is an express remedy ..
7.50 $
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