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Spider gel f.o.x.

Brand: F.O.X. Model: FG0040001
A bright white colored gel stick with a sticky layer. Use it to create clear, glossy lines of geometric shapes and chaotic patterns with ease and pleasure. Drawings turn out volumetric and bright. It is very dense, elastic, super viscous. It can be applied on a top that overlaps the gel polish monoc..
4.90 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FG0040002
The spider gel is a deep black color. It has a sticky layer. Ideal material for creating geometric designs, interesting "chaotic" patterns. Gives a great contrast on light and bright gel-lacquers. Super viscous and dense. Comfortable to work with. Easy to apply with a dots, orange wand, even with a ..
4.90 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: FG0040003
Silver-colored gel poutine in the advantageous volume of 3 grams. Very economical to use. It has an excellent density and is super viscous. Allows easy creation of saturated silver lines on the nails in geometric designs and abstract patterns. It does not blur during application and each line remain..
4.90 $
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The F.O.X. brand has introduced an innovative spider gel for an ultra-trendy and original spider manicure. The 3 current colors are silver, black, and white. This is a great offer for the arsenal of nail technicians. Due to the perfectly stretching texture, spider gel allows you to quickly and easily create fine lines like a spider's web, apply clear lines for graphic design, draw abstract patterns, make designs with volumetric drawings.
Among the key advantages of spider gel from F.O.X.:
- Incredibly viscous and dense consistency.
- High color density.
- Perfect adhesion to the topcoat.
- Ability to apply on top-coated designs.
- Fast and good curing under any lamp.
- Expressive gloss.
- Super wear-resistant.
Fox Gel Powder allows you to create unique designs with a minimum of skill. Suitable for beginner masters and amateurs to create their own nail art.
Our online store has opened for everyone the opportunity to buy SPIDER GEL from F.O.X. at the best price, declared by the manufacturer.

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