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Luxton 9D Cat gel polishes

Brand: Luxton Model: 4110501
If you want to get a real delight on your nails, then decorate them with golden-blue shimmers, which, like a precious chameleon, smoothly change shades in sunlight and artificial light.Gel nail polish has a thick texture as densely saturated with metallic, multicolor, bright sparkling shimmer. It ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110502
If you like bright luxury, then you'll definitely love a look like the Luxton 9D Cat Gel Manicure. It's multi-color, creating sparkling transitions from gold to terracotta and pink. Creates a voluminous, stunning wow effect on the nails! Easy to apply, magnetizes well, self-leveling. Dense, applies ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110503
An incredibly beautiful combination of ash, purple, and green tones, spiced up with the captivating sparkle of metallic shimmer particles. The magnetically-drawn glare creates a magical illusion of volume that shimmers gracefully, like a chameleon, changing shades. On the nails just space! You can c..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110504
This is a bombastic beauty worthy of your nails! A magically deep color that creates chic transitions of sparkling shades of purple, blue, and lilac. An unrealistically beautiful "cat" with a 9D volume effect. The coolest novelty that can dramatically change the shade of its glitter depending on the..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110505
An innovative 9D "cat" effect with a dazzling sparkling shimmer of pink and purple shades. Buy Luxton 9D Cat gel polish - the best solution when you need mesmerizing and magically beautiful! The thick texture is generously saturated with sparkling multicolor shimmer. Very docile to work with. Provid..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110506
If you want a truly dazzling effect of precious chrysoberyl on your nails, then you need to buy LUXTON 9D Magnetic Gel Lacquer in deep green-blue. It is stunningly beautiful and meets all the qualities of the Lux class! The shimmering green and blue shimmer has incredible volume and shimmering shimm..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110507
If you want a manicure that will evoke an enthusiastic "Wow!", then you need to buy Luxton 9D Cat gel polish in golden green and blue right now. Its texture is saturated with multicolor shimmer particles. Draw with a powerful magnet and get bright 9D highlights in seconds with the illusion of incred..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110508
This "cat" will provide an unparalleled cosmic effect on your fingers with bright sparkling shimmers. Incredible volume of shimmering glitter in different shades! It is an innovative premium gel polish, which is able to become a hit in the collection of every master. It has a thick consistency with ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110509
The most interesting color that creates fascinating shimmers of deep shades. On the nails it gives an amazingly beautiful rose gold effect. When held up to the magnet, it gives a bright, super-voluminous glow that shimmers luxuriously, changing shades and giving the coating a dazzling sheen. It look..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110510
The luxurious beauty of the sparkling chameleon gemstone Apatite, like the sunlit sea of Ibiza. It is this explosive beauty that allows you to get on your fingers turquoise-blue magnetic gel-lacquer LUXTON with 9D effect. It is a luxury class material which is pleasant to work with. It allows you to..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110511
Looking for the coolest "cat", you found it - LUXTON 9D Cat Multicolor Metallized Gel Lacquer. A uniquely beautiful combination of gold, purple and lettuce shades. Incredible effect of maximum volumizing glare. Amazing shimmering chameleon effect. You will definitely like such a spectacular highligh..
6.90 $
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The fantastically beautiful LUXTON 9D Cat collection of multifaceted gel nail polishes is the ultimate dream of every craftsman and fan of mesmerizingly spectacular manicures! 11 magically deep colors. Each creates the illusion of incredible volume on the nails, plays with different shades, as if drawing a cosmic color casts.

Such a cat should be tried by everyone! Luxton 9D Cat Gel-Lac allows you to get even more beautiful, brighter and dazzling effect of precious chrysoberyl. A wide and super voluminous magnetic flare, rich color shimmers and spectacular duos of shades. All this unique and chic beauty in one bottle with LUXTON 9D Cat magnetic pigments.

The texture of the gel-lacquers is maximally saturated with metallized ultra sparkling multicolor shimmers. To reveal all the magical beauty of new products, we recommend applying gel polish on a dark substrate. This will help to emphasize the depth and beauty of the color and highlight the volume glare. Use stronger magnets.

Democratic prices direct supplier in the store allow inexpensive to buy LUXTON 9D Cat gel polish, choosing a few favorite shades, and for salons and masters to get in their range of the entire luxury collection!

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