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Brand: Kodi Model: KL0030001
Acid primer without adhesive layer. It is used before the application of the base for firm adhesion of the material to the nail plate. Excellent degreasing effect. Ideal for safe and ultra-reliable modeling of acrylic and gel nails. Has a disinfectant effect. Very economical to use. ..
2.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KL0030002
Primer that increases the adhesive properties of the nail. It is used in gel lacquer coating systems, acrylic/gel modeling. It prolongs the wearability of the coating, serves as a protective layer, prevents the appearance of yellowing, enhances gloss, prevents the development of pathogenic environme..
3.00 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KL0030003
A popular acid-free primer in a new enlarged volume. Absolutely safe for nails. It is used as a primer before the application of gel polish, nail extensions. Multiplies the adhesion of the nail plate surface with the material. Eliminates the appearance of yellowing and fungus formation.   ..
3.50 $
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