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Camouflage COVER BASE COAT 004 (coral-pink), 10 ml.

Camouflage COVER BASE COAT 004 (coral-pink), 10 ml.
Camouflage COVER BASE COAT 004 (coral-pink), 10 ml.

Model: OB0020007

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Camouflage COVER BASE COAT 004 (coral-pink), 10 ml.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced master in the nail-industry. You definitely need to have in your kit a camouflage base OXXI PROFESSIONAL COVER BASE COAT for gel polish in a gentle coral color. You can definitely create an incredible variety of designs with its help. Also, It will come in handy if the client wants to apply a classic french or wants to give to her hands a little bit of femininity with the help of a muted shade of camouflage base.

product typeBase for gel polish
Volume10 ml.
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