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Manicure scissors

Brand: Staleks Model: 9310001
-Cutting length 24 ± 1 mm-Tool length 100 ± 1 mmManicure scissors with thin blade tips provide easy access to the cuticle. The width of the blades is classic. Special curve allows a smooth cutting line. Hand-ground for long-lasting sharpness and a precise, accurate cut. Easy stroke and no backla..
6.10 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310003
-Handles size:medium-Cutting length:  24 ± 1 mm-Tool length: 92 ± 1 mmThe model from the Staleks Classic series is ideal for free-edge nails. They allow you to remove excess length easily and with a smooth cut, without damaging the structure of the nails. Made of medical grade stainless s..
6.10 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9910001
Matt scissors with rounded tips for safe and accurate trimming of baby soft nails. Blade length - 21 mm, width - 4 mm. Professionally hand-sharpened. Made of corrosion-resistant 30X13 steel. Ergonomic handles and matte finish provide an excellent grip on the tool in the hand. ..
8.10 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310004
CLASSIC children's nail scissors are absolutely safe and quick to remove the toddler's ingrown nails. They have a sharp sharpening, made by hand. The rounded shape of the tips avoids accidental cuts and punctures. Made of high-quality stainless steel. Short cutting part provides precise movements. ..
6.50 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9910002
Cutting length 20 ± 1 mmTool length 92 ± 1 mmThese Stalex scissors will effectively and with maximum care deal with the cuticle, and will be an adornment to your manicure collection. The perfect tool for home manicures. Among the model's features: tapered blades with a slight curve, hand sharpen..
7.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9910003
Cutting length 21 ± 1 mmTool length 91 ± 1 mmUniversal model for home manicures. The scissors are designed to cut cuticles and correct nails. Made of high-strength rust-resistant alloy with hand-sharpened cutting edge. Tapered blades with slight curvature. They are characterized by a light, soft..
7.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310005
Handles size:medium-Cutting length:  21 ± 1 mm-Tool length: 101 ± 1 mm  Cuticle scissors with silicone inserts in the handle rings and hand-sharpened. Tapered blades with a classic curve allow you to cut the cuticle quickly and accurately. The back side of the blades is polished..
11.50 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9220002
Tool length 101 ± 1 mmCutting length 18 ± 1 mmThe Smart 41 nail scissors allow you to cut cuticles safely and with jewel-like precision. They are made of a special corrosion-resistant alloy with a GOI polish. The working edges are narrow, highly resistant and perfectly sharp thanks to hand-groun..
9.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9220003
Tool length 93 ± 1 mmCutting length 18 ± 1 mmManicure scissors for trimming nails of any thickness and shape. Allows you to smoothly trim a free edge. They have thickened blades, slight curvature and cut line following the nail shape. Hand sharpened, the edge stays sharp for years. Secure and p..
9.00 $
Professional scissors for cuticle (NGS-10/1) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210001
Cutting length 26 ± 1 mmThe STALEKS PRO manicure scissors from the NG series are designed specifically for professional craftsmen who remove cuticles with scissors. Provides easy access to the cuticle. Classic blade radius. High-quality hand-ground edges. Smooth, lightweight for less hand fatigue...
18.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310006
Ideal tool for removing thick and thin cuticles quickly. Tapered blades with classic curve radius. Rear surface of the blades is polished, which eliminates injury to the nail plate. Hand sharpened and stainless surgical steel guarantee many years of sharpness of the tool and preservation of its qual..
11.50 $
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