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Luxton Gel Lacquers Ibiza Collection

Luxton Ibiza 001 Gel Polish, reflective, 10 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110801
Disco night parties in Ibiza is a unique brightness of the night covered with enchanting light and glitter. Exactly this picture will reflect on the nails burning black gel polish, generously dotted with small reflective sequins, which extra brightly shine when the light from the spotlights or sunli..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110802
Cool silver with dazzling shine in a bottle LUXTON Ibiza. It is a unique coating that creates a starlight effect. The brilliance of the light reflection depends on the angle of the incident beam and the power of the light source. It is a stable, thick gel polish with a self-leveling texture and a pl..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110803
Ludicrously beautiful lilac coating, bright and multifaceted playing with colored reflective sparkles, creating a fantastic illusion on the nails. You should buy LUXTON Ibiza gel polish to see it for yourself. It is easy to apply, creates perfect flatness and density of coverage from the first appli..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110804
LUXTON Ibiza gel polish for the glittering sheen of precious stones. The translucent base is coated with millions of reflective micro-flakes of purple hue. The incredible beauty of a scattered glow on your fingertips. The light-reflecting glitters glow brilliantly in the dark when exposed to the lig..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110805
A billion shimmering stars create the effect of a precious gold manicure! LUXTON Ibiza gel polish with dazzling gold glitter is the solution for any party. This material is of elite class; it is comfortable to work with even at home. It is super stable, thick and unrealistically beautiful! ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110806
The luxurious magic of red glitter glitter gel polish IBIZA. Creates a real fairy tale of extra bright and multifaceted glitter of light-reflective effects on the nails. Buy this gel polish Luxton worth all fans of sensual catchiness. Light reflective glitters unrealistically cool glow in the dark w..
6.90 $
Luxton Ibiza 007 Gel Polish, reflective, 10 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110807
Look for a burgundy tone that will delight even in the dark, then you should buy a gel polish LUXTON Ibiza in a rich burgundy shade with thousands of reflective glitters. Its beauty can change dramatically depending on the light. The brilliance of the glitter depends on the power of the light that f..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110808
Dark blue reflective gel nail polish Ibiza looks incredibly beautiful both in natural light and in the spotlight. Such manicure draws eyes during the day, drawing the effect of the night sky with shimmering stars. In intense artificial light, on the nails as if a million stars flash, which dazzle wi..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4110809
         It is a dream of every fashionista! Blue reflective gel nail polish Ibiza will plunge your nails into the sea smoothness, on the surface of which the blinding glare of the sun is reflected. You will love the way the coating changes its brightness duri..
6.90 $
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