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Lilac ( LC ) 8 ml.

Brand: Kodi Model: 36222001
Expressive purple beauty on the nails can be embodied easily by yourself. This allows you to do it yourself with Kodi gel polish, which can be purchased inexpensively on our website. This is a premium professional material with a completely new formula. A high degree of pigmentation, elasticity, com..
5.50 $
Gel polish Kodi "Lilac" no. 02, 8 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222002
The shade of Persian Indigo gel polish by Kodi is worth buying for those who like ultra fashionable options nail coatings. At the same time catchy and restrained color that has the magic of charm and attraction. It can be applied to all nails or used as an accent color by covering a few. It blends p..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222003
Unique gray-purple shade of Kodi LC gel polish will impress exquisite natures. A stylish, interesting color that does not require any additions. Perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. It's easy to cover your nails, even on your own. Incredibly comfortable to work with, it doesn't streak or..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222014
This shade displays the beauty of fragrant purple wisteria flowers. This gel polish is worth buying for anyone who wants to accentuate lightness and tenderness. The updated formula allows you to quickly and easily create a high quality nail coating, even on your own. It contains high density rubber ..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222015
For those who like glamorous tenderness on their nails, Cody Gel-Polish in Pink Orchid is the perfect choice. Perfect for romantic manicure. Easy to apply, does not smudge, well pigmented, has the property of instantly self-leveling. It has a safe composition, strengthens thin nails. Wears it for up..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222016
Cody gel polish in a dusty lilac shade is the epitome of tenderness on nails and impeccable coverage quality. This color does not go out of trends. It is most often chosen with the arrival of spring and summer. Suitable for young girls and women. The maximum density of color is achieved in 1-2 layer..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222017
Incredibly beautiful magenta shade with lilac undertones. Looks great as a solo finish. Allows you to create contrasting combinations and smooth transitions. Buy Kodi LC gel polish is worth it not only for professionals but also for amateurs who like to cover their own nails. It is thick, enamel, pe..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222018
Cody's dark purple gel polish creates just the perfect manicure color for connoisseurs of expressive accents in feminine looks. This is a high quality nail material that is based on a brand new formula. Allows you to work comfortably and get flawless results. Suitable for professionals and amateurs...
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222004
The most interesting and unique color in the collection - ashy purple. Cover your nails and get the effect of a real foggy summer morning. Stylish and romantic. Perfectly fits into the fashionable everyday looks and business looks. Goes well with many contrasting and proximity colors. ..
5.50 $
Gel polish Kodi "Lilac" no. 29, 8 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222005
You haven't tried amethyst manicure yet, then you should definitely buy Kodi LC gel polish in this amazing shade. It is often chosen by bright girls. Masters use this color to create an original design that emphasizes the refinement of taste. It looks great on nails of any shape and length. High qua..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222006
Fabulously beautiful violet color in the Kodi LC collection. Decorate your nails with it, it is a secret symbol of love. Ideal manicure for the modern princess. It will look great on short and long nails. Especially good in a duet with white, purple, pink. Masters like to complement it with small de..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36222007
Lilac and lavender shade excites the imagination. Gentle, attractive and accent color. Ideal for dreamy people. Can be perfectly combined with different shades. The gel polish is saturated and dense in color. Sparingly consumed. After polymerization it creates a flexible, durable coating on the nail..
5.50 $
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