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Green & Yellow ( GY ) 8 ml.

Brand: Kodi Model: 36221001
Gel polish in a bright egg yellow shade is an energizing sunny manicure. It can be used as a single coat, as a base for drawings and other nail techniques. Features a high density of the yellow pigment and super resistant elastic, durable coating. Buy gel polish Kodi with an innovative formula inexp..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221002
Gel-polish Kodi bright yellow shade - an explosive brightness of sunny color on your nails. This manicure is incredibly popular in spring and summer. Suitable for solo coverage, for bright French, as a base for drawings and geometry. With this manicure will be just great to erase the summer images. ..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221003
Brighter than bright, that's how it will look on your nails gel nail polish Kodi lemon yellow color. Cover it your fingers and you'll outshine everyone. Your image will radiate sunny brightness. Incredibly positive color that should be in your summer nail collection. In its composition of super pigm..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221004
Enamel gel polish light yellow color - a great choice when you want a positive and bright summer colors. This manicure can not only attract attention, but also relieve stress. It is an absolute nail trend, getting rid of boredom and moping. The innovative formula provides even, intense color in two ..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221005
Manicure vanilla yellow color is able to emphasize a gentle, feminine nature. The most topical girly color. This is a new generation premium gel polish. Due to the high concentration of pigment, covering power in two layers and economical consumption. Creates an extra elastic and super strong coatin..
5.50 $
Gel polish Kodi "Green & Yellow" no. 45, 8 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221006
Looking for a trendy new product to design your nails, check out Cody's innovative gel polish in a light olive shade. Trendy color and premium material in one bottle. This manicure looks very stylish, fresh and neat. Perfect consistency, excellent covering power and super stability even on thin nail..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221007
The most lush, spring green color, as bright and fresh as the blooming leaves and the rising grass. Combines perfectly with sunny yellow. The gel polish has the perfect consistency and does not bleed when applied. Its formula contains a super pigment that provides dense color in two layers. It cures..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221008
A beautiful natural forest green color in a Kodi bottle. A true nail trend for spring and summer. The absolutely new formula allows to get a high quality nail polish with a saturated, even color. The covering power of 2 layers. Its composition does not contain harmful components, suitable for thin n..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221009
The rich green shade of gel polish Kodi is a great choice for eco style manicures as well as when you want a natural luxury on your nails. The gel polish has an enamel texture, excellent hiding power and unique staying power. The coating is worn for up to 4 weeks without damage, loss of color bright..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36221010
Green bottle gel polish with enamel texture. The bottle green gel polish with enamel texture, looks great in combination with rhinestones, waxes and drawings. Applies evenly and without bleeding. Highly pigmented. Creates a long-lasting coverage with a bright glossy shine. After drying and fixing th..
5.50 $
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