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Aquamarine ( AQ ) 8 ml.

Brand: Kodi Model: 36216001
We offer all fashionistas to get acquainted with Kodi gel polish in "mint ice cream" color. Incredibly fresh and "tasty" color. This nail hit of the summer season! It looks playful and bright on the nails, with intoxicating notes of summer freshness. Enamel color with glossy effect. It is easy to ap..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216002
Kodi gel polish in an incomparable tiffany color. Bright, fresh, energizing. Dense, highly pigmented, has an enamel texture, when applied, instantly spreads evenly on the nail plate. Designed with a new formula. Strengthens nails, suitable for thin and weakened nails. Does not curdle and does not ba..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216012
A rich, deep blue color with green shimmer. All the beauty of the night sea on your nails! It makes you want to stare. The gel polish has a perfect creamy texture. Covering your nails with it is a pleasure. Highly pigmented, it gives perfect results in two thin layers. Perfectly amenable to drying i..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216013
Dark bottle green gel polish will allow you to create an interesting casual classic on your nails, combine several tones in one design, play on contrasts. Dark green manicure evokes a sense of harmony. Magnificently combined with outfits in light and dark tones. It is the color of life and strength,..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216003
Going on vacation? Then you should buy Kodi gel polish in a shade of sea green with a spectacular glossy sheen. It should be in the palette of nail masters. It looks playful, fresh and bright as a solo coat. Can be the perfect base for the original summer nail art. The gel polish has an enamel textu..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216004
If you want a semi-precious stone effect on your nails, then you must buy jade gel polish with a shimmer. Bright, eye-catching and exquisitely sparkling. Provides an even and saturated color in two layers. It is enamel enamel, it does not bleed or crumble. After curing, not the slightest pigment on ..
5.50 $
Gel polish Kodi no. 35 AQ, 8 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216005
The turquoise-blue gel polish is one of the most popular nail colors of the new season. It is an understated brightness associated with the sea. It is a beautiful, self-sufficient color for a monochrome finish. It combines well with metallic decor, jewels and waxes. Allows creating an interesting ma..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216006
Incredibly beautiful sky and sea color - tiffany blue in Kodi collection. It is the color of real princesses. Noble, fresh, like a reflection of the sky in a sea wave. This color became a trend for the manicure of brides. It is the best way to accentuate the lightness and sophistication of the summe..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216007
Densely pigmented enamel gel polish in the brightest turquoise shade. It is associated with a gentle, warm sea. It is a nail trend of the beach season. Manicure in this color brings good luck. Magnificent with light clothing, emphasizes the tan and evokes coolness. The gel polish is very economical,..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216008
This Kodi gel polish displays the color of the ocean on your nails. Turquoise green with a slight bluish undertone. It will make you admire it forever. The balanced new formula provides high quality coverage even when applied alone. Does not drip, self-leveling, contains no harmful ingredients. Wear..
5.50 $
Gel polish Kodi no. 70 AQ, 8 ml.
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216009
Gel nail polish in the color of pine green. A beautiful, positive color that will look good on both long and short nails. This manicure is suitable for an elegant look, perfectly complement the youthful look. Not flashy, while attracting attention with the unique beauty of color. The gel polish has ..
5.50 $
Brand: Kodi Model: 36216010
If you want to create an aquamarine manicure with a hint of luxury, Kodi gel polish in the unique color malachite is for you. Rich, mysterious and interesting. With a new formula and high quality pigments. It is easy to apply, cures quickly and without problems. The durability of the coating is 25 d..
5.50 $
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