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Who is the best store? formulaprofi, Webnail or Kodi pro? Let's make a comparison table and decide!

ITEMSformulaprofi.prokodi prowebnail
Free shipping
Yes (orders from 80 $)Yes (orders from 100 $)NO
If the order is below a certain amount
8$ - order below 80 $10$ -order below 100 $5$ for parcels up to 250g
Customs protection and package insurance
Discount system for regular customers

bonus points, when translated into a discount, this is -1%

Is it possible to buy wholesale products
Kodi Rubber Base 12 ml7.5$8.75$8.59$
Oxxi gel polish 10ml5.9$6.5$5.81$ - Not profitable due to paid delivery
Operator support in WhatsApp
Total Gel Polish Brands
TOTAL POINTSformulaprofi.pro - 37 pointkodi pro - 22 pointwebnail - 21 point

The best store in terms of basic values ​​and customer focus can be considered: https://formulaprofi.pro/ 

* The value of the system, what color, how many points gives

  • Red color: 1 point
  • Orange color: 3 points
  • Green: 5 points

    These indicators are considered the main criteria for clients. Such as price, delivery, operator's response in the messenger. Due to this, a table with indicators and ratings was built, among the popular Israeli stores formulaprofi.pro kodi pro, webnail .

    Also, the client can choose a gift from our store: https://formulaprofi.pro/miscellaneous/gifts/