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Gel polish manicure yourself is notdifficult: instructions for a


Gel polish manicure yourself is not difficult: instructions for a beginner 

Girls who pay special attention to beauty issues just fell in love with gel polish manicure. Many people want to create it on their own so as not to spend money on a beauty salon and show their imagination in design. The nail industry offers a ton of products that are easy to work with even for a beginner.

The perfect manicure is always obtained with Oxxi Professional materials. We will tell you how to make a manicure yourself and with salon quality.

Manicure procedure: 3 easy steps to the beauty of your fingers

The first stage of manicure - cleansing and shaping

To do this, you will need: an orange stick, a remover, a pusher, scissors, a nail file. The Oxxi brand produces everything you need for processing, grinding. In the assortment of files and buffs of different hardness. Liquids and sticks.

1) Use a file to shape the free edge. For natural nails, you should select a file with a hardness of 240 to 180 grit.

2) Apply Cuticle Remover on the cuticle and on the rollers on the sides of the nail. It instantly softens the skin.

3) Carefully move the softened cuticle with a stick or a pusher and remove it with scissors.

4) We wash our hands, you can hold it for two minutes in a bath with soapy water.

5) We moisten the orange stick in warm water and draw it along the entire contour of the nail plate to remove the pterygium.

Preparing marigolds

This is the most important stage, since the correctness of its implementation will determine how good the adhesion of the surface of the nail with the gel polish will be. It is this stage that determines the durability of the manicure. 
1) We process the surface of the nail with a buff in order to slightly raise the plate scales and increase the adhesion. Then we remove the dust with a special brush.
2) Using a napkin and a Nail fresher, we wipe the plate, thereby removing grease, microbes, dirt. This will ensure long-lasting wear of the colored finish.
3) Apply a primer - Ultra Bond primer. They need to work especially well on the free edge, since it is the most vulnerable area of the nail. Dry the primer in air for 1 minute.


The key stage in which the base agent, color gel polish, top and curing lamp are used.
1) We apply a base coat on absolutely the entire surface of the plate and dry it in a lamp for 1 minute. The choice of the base depends on your tasks. Rubber Grand Rubber from Oxxi creates excellent hardness of the nail, evens its surface to perfection, creates an elastic coating, eliminates chips and cracks, and significantly increases the durability of manicure. Cover camouflage bases have all the properties of a rubber one, and contain a colored pigment (pink, beige, milky, etc.). It is very convenient to use to create a jacket or a fashionable nude manicure, to mask the uneven color of a natural nail.
2) Apply the selected Oxxi gel polish. It is highly pigmented, self-leveling, extra long-lasting. Due to the high density of the pigment, no layering is required - 1 layer is enough. Cure for 2 minutes in a lamp. If you want more color and saturation, apply in 2 coats, each curing in a lamp. Oxxi's palette is impressive even for artisans. The collection of the mega brand includes a wide palette of monochromatic gel polish, the most spectacular "cat's eye", chameleon, "crystal", magnetic varnishes, with shimmer and glitter and many others.

3) Apply the topcoat and cure in the lamp. The Oxxi line includes tops with a dispersion layer (sticky) and without, rubber (based on rubber), bases with a pronounced iridescent glossy shine, with a chic matte effect, with micro-shimmer, mother-of-pearl, with cat glare and others. Each is characterized by ease of use and extra durability.
If you are using a top with a sticky layer, it must be carefully removed after drying in a lamp. To do this, use a napkin (it must be lint-free). We moisten it in a liquid, you can purchase a 2 in 1 degreaser to remove the sticky layer. We just lightly wipe each nail.

With Oxxi products, it is easy for even a beginner to create not only a solid color coating and a jacket, but also a design. The brand's collection includes cobweb gels, foil, stamping paint and many other nail design tips that allow you to create your own nail design.

We hope our beginner's guide was useful to you, and you are already starting to create your own marigold beauty with Oxxi Professional. Send your photos of work to our social. Instagram: @formulaprofi.pro

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