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Foil Stripes Komilfo

Komilfo Color Art Sticker #007
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0110007
Art stickers from Comilfo - a set of exquisite, original prints. Flexible, easy to remove with tweezers. Adhesive based, no soaking required. Looks great on the base and color coating. Apply a base or gel polish, dry, remove the sticker with tweezers and apply to the surface with the sticky side. St..
1.90 $
Komilfo Foil Stripes #001
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070001
Metallized shavings (foil) of gold color. Innovative top decor material in nail art. Creates a holographic effect on the nails. It is easy to use even for home manicure. Foil micro stripes are applied to the gel polish with a brush, you can also use a regular toothpick. The decor is fixed with a top..
1.20 $
Komilfo Foil Stripes #002
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070002
Chips of foil micro-stripes silvery for a festive decor of nails. It's easy and one of the most effective ways to experiment with design. When applied, lie down at different angles, creating different refractions of light. A manicure made with silver shavings is always unique. ..
1.20 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070003
Bright red metallized shavings for a spectacular fashionable nail design. You can buy such a jar of Comme il faut even for home use. It is easily applied to the substrate. You can apply it to certain areas of the design, highlight the moon with it, cover the entire nail with sparkling scarlet shavin..
1.20 $
Komilfo Foil Stripes #004
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070004
Bright blue foil shavings for nail design. It is applied to a non-dried base, carefully compacted, the created decor is dried in a lamp. After drying, it is covered with a colorless gel polish, gel, dried. The finish is a thick top. Such chips are weightless and thin, the created coating is thin and..
1.20 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070005
Foil shavings of bright green color. It can be used as an independent nail decor, as a dense solo coating, goes well with rhinestones, pearls, stickers, and many other nail design elements. Very easy to apply. Even an inexperienced master can decorate the nails with sparkling straws in an original w..
1.20 $
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070006
Metallized orange shavings for decorating nails. This is a trendy, original, easy and inexpensive way to experiment with unusual, spectacular nail designs. Such chips allow you to create a different design every time. No matter how the straw lies on the nail, it will look incredibly beautiful. ..
1.20 $
Komilfo Foil Stripes #007
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070007
Foil, brightly shining pink shavings for glamorous nail decoration. The thinnest, weightless, easy to apply, it is a pleasure even for beginners to work with it. You need to apply it on a non-dried base, then dry the entire design in a lamp and cover with a fixative - top, transparent gel polish, et..
1.20 $
Komilfo Foil Stripes #008
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070008
Spectacular foil micro-stripes of copper color. A great option when you need a festive decor not like everyone else. It is applied to a non-dried base or gel polish, compacted and dried in a lamp. Covered with colorless gel polish, gel, dried. For a top coat, a thick top is suitable. ..
1.20 $
Komilfo Foil Stripes #009
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070009
Golden foil shavings Comme il faut. Thin and weightless. Fits well on any base (not dried). After application, it needs to be lightly tamped. To create a smooth finish, use a clear gel polish or gel. Dry and top coat. Manicure with this decor is worn longer. ..
1.20 $
Komilfo Foil Stripes #010
Out of stock
Brand: Komilfo Model: KD0070010
Purple shavings of foil micro stripes are used for elegant nail decoration. Such material allows you to make spectacular nails in just half an hour. The shavings are applied with a brush on an uncured substrate, the finished decor is dried in a lamp, then covered with a transparent gel polish and dr..
1.20 $
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