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Luxton Cat Eyes gel nail polish effect

Brand: Luxton Model: 4111001
Sensual and playful red with a fascinating feline glow. Magically shimmers and shimmers in every light. It is the epitome of passion and luxury. It is a rich shade with the effect of depth of color.It is comfortable to work with, it sets evenly, does not drip on the skin, dries quickly. It has a p..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111004
LUXTON Cat Eyes gel nail polish in this color is worth buying for everyone who wants to get cosmic beauty on their nails! Luxurious multifaceted and juicy color, as if covered in glittering meteorite crumbs. When applied with a powerful magnet, it creates a bright, deep and super voluminous glow. Ap..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111005
Magnetic bright green Cat Eyes gel polish with thousands of shimmering highlights. Indescribable beauty at your fingertips! Thousands of metallized micro-particles, create shimmering and voluminous, shimmering, form a deep "cat's eye" glare. If you want brightness, mystery and special glamour on you..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111006
If you want to buy cat-eye gel polish with luxurious shimmer, choose LUXTON's rich crimson-red color and mesmerizing effect. It's a stunning shimmer and flare on an eye-catching, "delicious" color. This manicure is perfect for women and girls who want to feel confident. Cover your nails with it and ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111007
A rich burgundy-red shade that shimmers chicly with every movement of your fingers. Deep, shimmering highlights, like gemstones adorn your nails, giving your image a mysterious charm. Stunning volumetric effect of shimmering metallic particles. Buy Luxton Cat Eyes gel polish and the luxurious shimme..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111008
This dark purple "cat" will win you over! An excellent choice not only for festive, but also for everyday nail design. The shimmering bright highlights create a cosmic beauty effect. When held up to the magnet, the metallized particles draw stripes and patterns that mesmerize with their depth and pu..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111002
A glamorous red-pink shade with a shimmering glare and shimmering shimmer that excites the imagination! It's like nothing you've ever seen before. The glitter shimmers and sparkles, looks voluminous, gives your manicure incredible charm! With the help of gel-lacquer Cat Eyes not only professionals, ..
6.90 $
Brand: Luxton Model: 4111003
The bright lime green "cat" from Luxton resembles a lollipop. Creates an incomparable shimmer in any light. Ideal when you want to decorate your nails in a non-trivial and super-effective way. The gel polish is created by a new formula, it is thick and elastic. It is strongly pigmented and is maxima..
6.90 $
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