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Cover Base - Kodi

Brand: Kodi Model: KB0010001
A beautiful warm-peach shade of camouflage base in an economy bottle of Cover Base Gel 7 ml. Medium consistency, easy to apply and perfectly masks all imperfections of the nail plate. An excellent option for elegant delicate French and painted designs. You can buy Kodi camouflaging base with deliver..
5.25 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0010002
Rubber base with excellent reinforcing and camouflaging properties. Maximum adhesion. Mini volume of 7 ml. The most beautiful cold pink shade. Apply in two layers. The manufacturer recommends applying the first coat with a thin, rubbing motion. Dries quickly and does not stain in the lamp. ..
5.25 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0010003
Pink cool with the finest shimmer. Excellent rubber base for french, painting, delicate design, painting. Good as a stand-alone coating. It removes all imperfections of the nail. Makes it mirror-smooth and hard. Has high adhesion. Absolutely no stinking in the lamp. Available in a 7 ml mini volum..
5.25 $
Brand: Kodi Model: KB0010004
Premium quality rubber base in a warm pink shade with the tiniest golden shimmer particles. It provides excellent adhesion and is comfortable to work with. The durability of your manicure will be increased many times over. The perfect amount for a home manicure or salon is 7 ml. It is applied ..
5.25 $
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