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Brushes Nikk Mole

Blue squirrel brush #47
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Model: kisti-brush-№21
Premium brush with blue squirrel bristles. An ideal makeup tool when you need to achieve flawless blending. Soft, flexible, silky natural bristle allows you to pick up the optimal amount of dry cosmetics and apply them with an imperceptible touch. The application of shadows and other pigments is as ..
12.90 $
Model: Brow-brush-№17
Professional straight brush with elastic bristles and a comfortable lightweight handle made of high quality acrylic. Manual assembly! Designed for painting eyebrows, applying paste when painting, tone and corrector on the area in the area of ​​​​the eyebrows in make-up. Allows you to quickly and acc..
6.25 $
Model: NM-brush-№31
Comfortable, functional brush with an elastic beveled pile and a brush for combing and styling eyebrows. Two professional tools in one stylish handmade brush. Used for eyebrow makeup, shadow application, thick, creamy, waxy textures, eyebrow makeup and styling. Pile made of hypoallergenic, elastic, ..
8.25 $
Model: NM-brush-№71
Branded brush "2 in 1" for painting and makeup of eyebrows. Made by hand. Two working sides - a beveled brush for applying shadows, gels, etc., and a brush for styling eyebrows with fixatives. The bristle of the brush is high-quality hypoallergenic nylon. It can be safely used for painting eyebrows ..
8.25 $
Model: brush-nabor-4-NM
A signature set of brushes from the Pink series for painting, styling eyebrows, creating fine lines, clear contours. The brushes are assembled by hand. Pile - high-quality elastic nylon, is not afraid of the effects of dyes and cleaners. Durable acrylic handles. This is a long lasting brow tool kit!..
19.90 $
Model: NM-brush-№73
A delicate brush from the Pink series for painting eyebrows and creating fine, precise lines. Ideal for drawing individual eyebrow hairs and contour. Practical and durable - a pile of flexible nylon fibers, is not afraid of exposure to coloring compounds and cleaners. The light, comfortable handle i..
5.25 $
Model: kisti-brush-№21
Professional brush of the Golden black series for painting eyelashes and eye makeup. She is able to raise the comfort of the master to a new level. The flat fan-shaped brush is made of high-quality nylon, resistant to any dyes and disinfectants. The classically shaped handle is made of premium durab..
4.50 $
Model: Brush-brush-№48
Stylish, incredibly soft brush for applying sculptor, powder, highlighter, blush. Made from high quality Taklon completely imitating the soft pile of a squirrel. Does not cause allergies and irritation, suitable even for hypersensitive facial skin. The touch of the brush is almost not felt. It crea..
14.90 $
Model: Fan-brush-fox
מברשת מניפה בעבודת יד עם שיער עדין טבעי ברמה הגבוהה ביותר A - שיער שועל חום. מדובר במברשת מקצועית בלעדית שעוצבה על ידי המאפרת של המותג Mili Klimenko. הוא משמש להסרת עודפי צללים, נצנצים, פודרה, סומק ומוצרי קוסמטיקה נוספים בשלב הסופי של האיפור, וכן להסרת שערות לאחר תיקון גבות. מחליק בצורה מושלמת אי סד..
7.25 $
Model: NM-brush-№72
Synthetic miniature narrow brush with slanted bristles. Manual assembly! It is used to create a clear contour when painting eyebrows, as well as to draw flawless makeup arrows. The brush is lightweight, with flexible nylon bristles and an acrylic handle. Gluing is made using a new technology, which ..
6.25 $
Model: Concealer-brush-№70
Functional brush of the Pink series for brow paste and concealer. The ideal tool for applying cream, oil, gel, wax, hard and soft textures. Flat brush with densely packed bristles made of hypoallergenic flexible nylon. Allows you to accurately collect and hold thick creamy textures on the pile, even..
6.25 $
Model: Brush-brush-№15
Synthetic beveled flat handmade brush for coloring and architectural shaping of eyebrows. Pile made of hypoallergenic, flexible, extremely durable nylon. Ideal shape with diagonal contour for brow work. Narrow - allows you to carefully distribute the composition of henna of any density along the hai..
6.25 $
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