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Smart base ™Oxxi professional

Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010005
You should definitely buy the new Oxxi Smart Base 3 camouflage base in a beige and peach shade. Optimal volume of 15 ml at a bargain price! It is based on "smart" molecules that create a gentle coverage and exclude burning in the lamp. It is applied in one thin layer. Elastic and extra stable. Has e..
8.40 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010006
The new, best Smart Oxxi corrective base for professionals in 30 ml volume and at a direct supplier price. Innovative formula and a beautiful beige and peachy shade. Does not bake in the lamp! Thick and viscous texture. Elastic and stiff. Self-models an even and smooth surface. Extremely long wear! ..
13.00 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010008
An innovative masthead for masters, the Oxxi Smart Base Camouflaging Corrector in a bright pink shade. It can be used as an independent coating. Developed with new technology - absolutely no burning even in powerful lamps! Perfect for soft and thin nails. Has great modeling properties. Creates a gen..
13.00 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010009
A new generation of Oxxi Smart camouflage base-corrector in a versatile pink shade. It is based on "smart" molecules that are gentle on fragile nails and do not sting, even in powerful lamps. It's a pleasure to work with. Optimally thick and viscous, it holds the drop well. Applied in a single layer..
8.40 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010010
The base-corrector Oxxi Smart is an innovative material that will be highly appreciated by masters and clients! A beautiful pink shade. Excellent pigmentation, elasticity and stiffness. Absolutely no burning even in powerful lamps! It is easy to apply and instantly models a perfectly flat and smooth..
13.00 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010001
Light mauve pink corrective base of the new generation! It smoothes the nail plate, does not harm the nails, does not bake in the lamp at all, lasts up to a month. Used under gel polish and as a separate coating. Due to the excellent elasticity, it is suitable for thin nails. For home use, buy Oxxi ..
8.40 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010002
The innovative Oxxi Smart Base 1 in a light mauve-pink shade and a professional 30 ml volume. It is created on a rubber base with the latest formula. Suitable for fragile nails. Does not burn at all, even in powerful LED lamps. Elastic and extremely resistant. Applied in one layer, models a perfectl..
13.00 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010003
New Smart rubber base in the softest mauve-pink shade. Thanks to a completely new formula, it does not sting when cured. Ideal for thin and fragile nails. It has excellent corrective properties, it is self-leveling and fills all the irregularities on the nail. It fills all the irregularities on the ..
8.40 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010004
Professional Oxxi Smart Base 2 in a universal, soft mauve-pink shade. This is a whole new level of coverage! Super elastic and stiff. Applies in a thin layer, absolutely does not bake in any lamps. The new formula creates a gentle coverage with extreme durability. Suitable for thin and soft nails. E..
13.00 $
Brand: Oxxi Model: OB0010007
Smart Progressive Base Corrector in a bright pink shade and 15 ml volume. The new formula eliminates burning even in powerful UV and led lamps. A real find for fragile and problematic nails. Excellent balance of elasticity and stiffness. Has excellent modeling properties - perfect nail surface from ..
8.40 $
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Smart base is an innovative rubber series from Oxxi professional. The American brand has developed a unique rubber base for the neil industry. It is based on "smart" molecules, which behave gently even on fragile nails and do not cause burning even in powerful LED lamps. Professional base-corrector of the new generation creates a strong, flexible coating and does not burn when drying. This is exactly what masters and their clients dreamed of!
7 qualities that make the Oxxi Smart base perfect:
- 5 shades of true tenderness - mauve, peach, pink.
- Extremely long wear!
- Super elastic, yet stiff.
- Lightweight and absolutely no baking in any bulbs.
- Thick, knit, forms a drop well.
- Self-models an even and smooth surface.
- Perfect for soft, thin and problematic nails.
New generation rubber base Oxxi Smart base already available in our store. Available in 15ml economy and 30ml pro. The best price direct dealer!

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