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Dust brush
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Model: 3608-NN-001
Plastic universal brush with stiff bristles. Used during nail correction to remove filings, cleaning saws of different abrasiveness. Cleans well and gently both the nail plate and the nail bed area, does not scratch the skin. It is used by masters in the procedure of acrylic nail hardening and also ..
0.45 $
Brand: Formula Profi Model: Hemostatic-FormulaPro
Hypoallergenic hemostatic agent, odorless and colorless, which is important when in contact with blood. Very well stops the blood and disinfects the damaged area of ​​the skin. Volume: 30ml ..
3.50 $
Model: 3609-NN-002
Quality lint-free cloths in a pack of 50. They are a very necessary material in the procedure of gel manicure. They are used to degrease and disinfect the nail plate, as well as to remove the depressed layer after polymerization from the gel polish, top. ..
0.90 $
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This section of our catalog contains everything you need for a professional manicure and gel polish procedure. Lamps, disinfectors, heaters, brushes, lint-free wipes for removal of sticky layer and many other paraphernalia that make the procedure of gel manicure comfortable and of high quality.
The range includes lamps from leading nail brands. Compact, ergonomic design, different capacities, with a wide range of options. Dry-heaters for sterilization of manicure tools, any capacity, with an indicator and a set of options that you need. You can also inexpensively buy Kraft bags for the dryer set of 100 pieces and more.
Presented in the catalog dusting brushes have a stiff pile, they can easily remove sawdust, clean from dust any surface of cutters and other tools. It is also impossible to perform build-up and modeling of artificial nails, gel-lacquer manicure without lint-free wipes. In packs and on a roll, choose what's convenient for you.
We have the best prices for masters, salons and amateurs - dealer from the manufacturer. Order wholesale and retail. Promptly send orders worldwide!

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