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Manicure tools

Cuticle scissors (SC-20/2) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310001-20-2
-Cutting length 24 ± 1 mm -Tool length 100 ± 1 mm Manicure scissors with thin blade tips provide easy access to the cuticle. The width of the blades is classic. Special curve allows a smooth cutting line. Hand-ground for long-lasting sharpness and a precise, accurate cut. Easy stroke and no ba..
9.00 $
Manicure tool (Manicure Shovel) P-01 (12 cm)
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 1230018
Two-sided manicure pusher made of stainless steel. On one side, the working blade is shaped like a rounded spatula, which is used to gently push back the cuticle and eponychium. The other side is in the form of a sharp hatchet, which allows you to clean the inner surface of the free edge well. The p..
11.00 $
Manicure tool: "Shark" pusher
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 1230015
Dual-sided manicure spatula - wide rectangular pusher + rounded pusher. Ideal for processing narrow and wide nail plates. Handle with special groove lies comfortably in the hand and does not slip. It is made of high-quality stainless alloy, perfectly holds sharpening. It can be disinfected and steri..
7.00 $
Nail clipper "Shark I", 14mm.
Out of stock
Brand: Kodi Model: 1230016
These nail clippers are used for nail trimming, convenient for manipulation with cuticles, coarse skin near the nail area. They are made of hard stainless steel (surgical steel), which has increased resistance to corrosion. Cutting edge length 18mm. High-quality hand sharpening and polishing. A prec..
25.00 $
Nippers for leather CLASSIC 10 11 mm (NC-10-11) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9300007
Cutting length 11 ± 1 mm Tool length 106 ± 1 mm Manicure cutter for removing cuticles. Made of 40X13 steel, which allows them to be sterilized in any way. Sharpened by hand flawlessly! No pulling of the skin. Cutting length 11mm. Ergonomic handles. Perfectly polished hinge ensures smooth, easy..
13.50 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210001
Cutting length 3 ± 1 mm Tool length 102 ± 1 mm   Professional cutters with perfect cutting properties. Straight cutting edges with slant. Hand-ground. Knife part with protrusion. Straight, shortened handles. Tool lies comfortably in hand and does not slip out due to its matt surface. Sof..
18.49 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9210002
Cutting length 4 ± 1 mm Tool length 100 ± 1 mm   Professional tool for removing cuticles and rough skin. The pliers have comfortable, shortened handles. Cutting edges are straight and inclined. It is hand-sharpened. The cutting part has a small overhang. Bright finish on the swivel joint..
18.49 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9200001
Cutting length 12 ± 1 mm Tool length 120 ± 1 mm   This model will handle an ingrown nail quickly and easily. The straight cutting edges are 12 mm long without inclination. The working part is thin and tapered. The tips are blunted. Impeccable sharpness and flatness of the blades is achie..
29.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9200002
Cutting length 16 ± 1 mm Tool length 127 ± 1 mm Solid and sturdy clipper for working with ingrown nails. Comfortable ergonomic design. Cutting edges are straight without inclination. Blunted tips. Ideal cutting edge sharpness. Ergonomically shaped handles with protuberances. Smooth action. Pli..
29.00 $
Brand: Staleks Model: 9200007
Professional nippers with a wave-shaped handle minimize the stress on the master's brush. Allows you to easily and without cuts to remove the cuticle from one cut. Blade length 9 mm. Can be used in pedicure. Made of high grade stainless steel. Hand sharpening under a microscope guarantees exceptiona..
29.00 $
Scissors for cuticle SC-10/1 (blades - 20 mm) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310007-10-1
Cutting length 20 ± 1 mm Tool length 92 ± 1 mm Quality manicure scissors for home use. The blades are 20 mm long and have thin tips. Very handy for fast, high-quality cuticle removal. Smooth cutting line by means of the classic curvature of the blades. made from rust-free steel. Non-scratch, n..
9.00 $
Scissors universal straight CLASSIC (SC-30/1) Staleks
Out of stock
Brand: Staleks Model: 9310006-30-1
Cutting length 24 ± 1 mm Tool length 100 ± 1 mm Staleks universal manicure scissors with straight blades 24 mm long. They have thickened blades, making them ideal for correcting thin and medium-sized nails. Classic size and shape. Made of high grade stainless steel. Hand-ground for long-lastin..
9.00 $
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