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Brushes for modeling and design of nails (Kodi/F.O.X)

Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210001
Synthetic brush "Tongue Oval" is used by nail technicians for watercolor technique, drawing fine lines and fine details of design, convenient for shading. Made with long-term professional use in mind. Wear-resistant, easy to clean. Comfortable ergonomically shaped handle fits well in the hand and do..
3.50 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210002
If you're looking for the perfect brush for salon French, moonlight manicures and design, then you should buy the F.O.X Smile brush. It is made of synthetic fibers (under colonic). It has a special cut that allows you to draw fine lines with jewelry accuracy. Designed for professional use, easy to c..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210003
The square beveled brush is made of synthetic fibers. It is used for Chinese painting, french striping. Suitable for work with gel lacquers and gel paints. The bundle is well padded, with a perfectly even cut. The fibers are flexible and malleable, give off paint evenly, economical use of material. ..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210004
The universal salon brush F.O.X. "Smile" made of high quality synthetic fibers (under the column). Used for drawing french, moonlight manicure and a variety of design techniques: watercolor, drawing of small details, shading, etc. Ideal for work with gel nail polish, gel paints, 3D paste. In our sto..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210005
Natural brush for modeling with acrylic and acrygel. Made of resilient, dense colonic hair. Secure adhesive fastening and metal cartridge prevents hairs from falling out. Allows easy and even distribution of material from a single ball. Handle cap protects the lint and prolongs the life of the brush..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210006
The Barrel Brush is made of synthetic fibers. Its shape is designed for easy execution of gradient on dry gel polish (stretching), grainy transition, Wide working surface allows you to apply material evenly, dial several colors simultaneously, perform a complex pattern. Good for mixing pigmented pro..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210007
F.O.X Brush "Petal" is made of synthetic fibers that meet all the qualities of columnar fibers. Designed for sculpting with 3D paste, sculpting gel. Flat, narrowed to the end of the dome allows you to draw complex patterns and openwork drawings. Suitable for experienced nail techs and beginners. Dir..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210008
F.O.X Brush "Gradient" made of synthetic fibers. Designed to make designs in the fashionable ombré and gradient styles. Perfectly distributes the material on the nail plate, allows you to create in two strokes a smooth transition of colors, soft stretching, stretching, and transitions in the techniq..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210009
F.O.X Brush Oval "Tongue" nail art brush has a working part of artificial fibers under the columns and a comfortable ergonomic handle with a case. Very much loved by masters, as it has a perfect cut, for applying the closest material to the cuticle: base, topcoat, colored gel. It's perfect for lamin..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210010
The F.O.X Brush is designed for un-cut manicures. When paired with F.O.X Cuticle Eraser, it allows you to transform your nails and leave them well-groomed in a matter of minutes. Apply a thin layer of cuticle softener to the area and gently pull back and remove cuticles after 30 seconds. This brush ..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210011
The F.O.X Brush "Tongue" Oval is worth buying for every craftsman. It is made of synthetic fibers that have undergone special treatment and meet all the qualities of column hair. It is designed for watercolor design, shading, work with 3D paste. It is very convenient for tracing small design element..
5.00 $
Brand: F.O.X. Model: 1210012
The F.O.X Brush "Square" is the ideal tool for professional level artistic design. It is made of synthetic fiber (under colonic). It has a perfectly smooth flat cut. Suitable for watercolor technique with gel paints and gel-lacquers. We buy F.O.X. brushes in large quantities from the manufacturer - ..
5.00 $
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Brushes for modeling and nail design
High-quality brushes are a must-have tool for every craftsman. They allow modeling the shape, length of nails, creating openwork patterns, drawings, gradients, tracing the smile line, decorating nails with acrylic molding, applying gel nail polish without bleeding. Good professional material and a brush provide half the success of a masterpiece manicure. For nail experts and nail-designers who like to design their own nails, here are some high-quality F.O.X brushes to create real masterpieces.
F.O.X brushes are made of high quality natural and artificial fibers (type of columns). The bundle creates a perfect edge without a single hair sticking out. Ergonomic comfortable handle of optimal length. The cartridge is metal, securely attached to the handle. Stylish design. F.O.X brushes are easy to care for and do not change their quality, even after prolonged use.
F.O.X range of brushes
- Brushes for gel, acrylic modeling.
- Flat brushes for painting large items.
- Petal brush for Chinese painting.
- Very thin hair brush for thin lines, outlines, monograms.
- Fan brush to work with powder and glitter.
- The "comb" brush for gradient that has conquered all masters.
- Universal, which are suitable for gel-lacquers, gel-paints, work with pastes.
Our online store offers the most popular models of brushes and novelties of the brand. Direct delivery from the USA allows us to offer the best range and lowest prices for F.O.X. brushes. Prompt air delivery to any country!

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